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In a groundbreaking collaboration, GroupM and Amazon Ads have introduced an innovative monitoring system designed to elevate advertising performance on the Amazon platform. Unveiled in October 2023, this pioneering system utilizes 23 customized variables across four key metrics categories—Advertising Readiness, Targeting, Creative, and Campaign Management—to generate a proprietary Amazon Ads Quality of Excellence (QoE) score for advertisers worldwide.

Just a quarter after its launch, the initial results of this co-engineered system have demonstrated a remarkable impact on advertising performance. Based on GroupM’s Quality of Excellence Scores, advertisers ranking in the top quartile have achieved outstanding results:

These impressive outcomes underscore the significance of the system’s effectiveness in driving both efficiency and effectiveness KPIs. Notably, the analysis revealed that strengths in the Advertising Readiness and Creative categories significantly contributed to performance improvements across three out of four key metrics, while Campaign Management and Creative variables had a notable impact on the fourth.

The findings also unveiled three key insights:

  1. Higher QoE scores correlate with enhanced performance across efficiency and effectiveness metrics.
  2. Advertising Readiness and Creative variables are interconnected and should be managed holistically to maximize business impact.
  3. By prioritizing key variables and reducing noise, advertisers can leverage analytics to drive impactful decision-making swiftly.

Amy Armstrong, Director of Global Customer Development at Amazon Ads, commended GroupM’s dedication to excellence, stating, “These early achievements underscore GroupM’s deep understanding of Amazon Ads and unwavering commitment to client success. We eagerly anticipate continuing this collaborative journey and pioneering new innovations to better serve our mutual customers.”

This groundbreaking partnership between GroupM and Amazon Ads marks a significant milestone in the realm of advertising performance optimization, promising a future of enhanced ROI and customer engagement for advertisers worldwide.”

Credits: GroupM

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